Gold Bullion is on the Rise

05/07/2013 17:34


For centuries, man has valued gold. It’s led some to discover new worlds, and others to enjoy incredible luxury. In recent years, when other markets have proven to be extremely volatile, gold bullion has been the remarkable exception, not simply holding its value, but breaking records as it soars higher and higher. In fact, this is the usual pattern with gold. When other markets become unstable, the value of precious metal predictably grows even stronger.
Gold investing is more simple and straightforward than other investments like stock or buying real estate, but there are a few things the prospective investor should know to make an informed choice.  To ensure the success of your investments, it's critical that you work with a company that is both respectable and experienced. No one understands this more than the founder of Merit Financial. His company has been a leader in the industry for over 26 years. 
Merit’s founder treats clients with the same care he would want and expect if you were in their position. His dedication to their best interests of his clients has resulted in a company that has grown and prospered for decades.
Although seeing gold’s rise in the marketplace might lead one to think that you can't possibly go wrong; unfortunately, it's not quite that simple. Due to its increasing value, the gold bullion and precious metals markets have become magnets for unscrupulous individuals looking to make a fast buck. Of course, the fortunes these unethical people are intent on making will inevitably be at the expense of some unsuspecting investors. Regardless of their net worth, no one ever wants to lose money on their investment. And it's completely unnecessary if one takes the necessary precautions and thoroughly vetsthe company with whom they want to do business.
The integrity and knowledge available to investors through Merit Financial extends far beyond its founder, since he has hired some of the best in the business. The Executive Vice President is a Harvard graduate and a highly respected voice in the industry. His commentary and editorials are insightful and highly regarded by even the most serious investors. Clients can find his opinions online in the market news section of the company's website. Merit’s account executives and their entire staff are always prepared to do whatever it takes to make the gold investment process a positive one for their customers. The company not only treats the clients well, they are also responsible and caring to the world at large.  The company gives generously to a number of volunteer and charitable organizations. Merit Financial supports the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life and is a corporate sponsor of the Wounded Warrior Project which has raised over $100,000 for severely injured service men and women from Iraq and Afghanistan.
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